Africa’s stories

Our Purpose

Empowering Africa to tell our own stories.

Collaborating to craft and create narratives, develop characters, curate and manage quality local stories that successfully promote brand values, generate purposeful growth, and resonate with consumers and community audiences alike.

Market Shifts 
Everyone’s stories are changing


From Products to Purpose


From Transactions to Discerning


From Linear to Adaptive

Community Creator

From Informal Markets to Mainstream

Collaborative, Community Curated Brand Storytelling
for Human-Centred Engagement

What We Do

Film Spaza facilitates the creation, curation and management of branded missions for inclusive and purposeful growth.

Branded Mission
Virtual vault containing curated programme of branded local stories
that promote Purpose + Profit

Our Beliefs 

Human-First Inclusivity, Authenticity & Meaningful Action

Join Us

Whether you are a brand, broadcaster, consumer or community creator, we would love to hear from you. Start the discussion here or request additional information on how you can join us. We look forward to curating the best of Africa.